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IBM: “You are important to us.”

Wayra has a good relationship with IBM and both the sides are looking forward to further cooperation. IBM provides Wayra startups with the access to unique network of people and knowledge and, on the other hand, Wayra opens its premises to events organized by IBM. Wayra startups receive invitations to business and software trainings and workshops organized by IBM and selected teams are offered closer cooperation.

Recently, IBM’s representatives came to Wayra to discuss the development and form of this mutual relationship. Laura Voglino, the key person for development of the ecosystem in IBM, and Petr Biskup, responsible for the startup community for the Czech and Slovak market see a big opportunity and potential in this project. The company is willing to use its impact on the market and provide startups with technology, mentoring, connections and media exposure they need. Only couple of generations had this opportunity to transform old traditions into new business models and bring innovation to life.


Laura says the startup system and it is challenges are very similar in different countries. It takes a lot of courage. Startups have a role to play in innovation and they are driving the point of the arrow. The idea is to make a connection between the startups and the heritage IBM has.  The company wants to connect the teams with the whole ecosystem and business partners that are eager to collaborate. IBM opens the doors.

Why to go for IBM support

The company is 100 years old and it has been in the business for a long time. It understands the changes in the market and also has an unbeatable global presence. IBM is the number one company in terms of the patterns in technology for many years and it innovates like no one else. Laura believes every startup will see the benefits of the help.


IBM invests mainly in technology-driven startups and it is not a charity business. It will never go directly to the consumer, only through the partners. The company goes for the money and always wants to know where the finance goes. They do open-source because they believe it is the right system and they have a big network of developers working together worldwide.

“Apple goes directly to the consumer, Google goes. IBM won’t do it. That’s for sure. “

“I don’t need to talk about the credentials. We don’t ask for anything, we won’t take equity. We are interested in new business partners in our ecosystem that would bring us new markets. If you succeed with our technology, we succeed as well. Maybe you just need some ideas or tricks and that’s why we are here. We can push your forward. If you don’t see any benefit here, that’s your decision. Also, we have to see some match between you and our technology. Not everybody is welcomed.”


If you need help and you are brave enough to ask for it — IBM is open for discussion. All you have to do is to raise the hand.