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Networker is a real-time networking platform for business events that improves ice-breaking, recommends relevant people, stimulates meetings and helps with follow-up.

What does Networker members think about their Wayra experience?
Before we came to Wayra, we had naive imagination on how company building processes work, especially the challenges of a sales process. Through training in our acceleration we learned to combine business facts with some kind of intuition  in order to develop the right strategy for a more successful sales pitch. Training included but were not limited to strategic marketing, the difference between sales and business development, negotiation skills and so on.

From our perspective, one major strength of Wayra is to provide opportunities to build your business network with relevant contacts through networking events organized by them and also by making introductions and opening doors with the support from Telefonica. Moreover making selfpromo on press events and also through different marketing channels was a lot easier.

We started without any real product and managed to build our MVP (minimum viable product) during the programme. We learned how to think in a business kind of way, and being more pragmatic, e.g. in finding the right monetization model. Also we learned how team dynamics work, which helped us to be more effective based on the fact that we understand each other more and can predict behaviour of other teammates.

One of the many benefits of Wayra is very valuable expert feedback. And we were mentored from the experienced Wayra staff members. They were eager to support us in many ways and gave us guidance whenever we felt lost. External mentors that made a lasting impression were Evzen Cekota (teaching argumentation and presentation preparations), Lubos Louzensky (marketing tips), Blake Wittman (underlining the importance of customer experience) and others. Finally our board advisors Ivan Hruska, Marek Johanes and Attila Molnar helped us to stay focused on essential business aspects.

Surely we never forget on the whole atmosphere of accelerator. The Wayra family spirit gave us roots, the staff gave us wings. Wayra was a safe environment for us to try and fail and learn from our failures.  It definitely helped us to grow up from a business point of view. It also was a great experience watching and learning from other teams, to perceive their passion, enthusiasm and ambitions to change the status quo. It filled us with energy and also bring some kind of positive stress that pushed us to reach our goals.

Now, we will continue our journey to become the number 1 solution for high performance networking. Our next steps will be the establishment of an ambassador system in other countries. Working in an open space office like wayra showed us the benefits and opportunities of working with other teams, so we’ll be definitely looking for something similar.