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The core-team of Wayra CEE consists of two ladies. Director Jarmila Placha is an execution powerhouse who brings 15 years of experience in advertising, communications, business strategy, product management, CSR and people development from major telecommunications and financial companies. Lenka Kucerova has been an active supporter of all things entrepreneurship since she worked in Silicon Valley. Both inform, connect, advise, organise, challenge, encourage and generally do their best to assist startups in realising their visions and dreams.

A great group of administrative, technical and media professionals and interns complement their efforts to ensure that the Wayra CEE teams get the best possible support.

Connect with us:
Jarmila Placha (Director) linked
Lenka Kucerova (Head of Acceleration) linked
Jaromir Beranek (Financial and Investment Controller) linked
Lenka Horakova (Academy Coordinator) linked