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CEE summary: Brussels wants to change Europe to an easier place for startups

The European Startup Initiave recently announced some details about its upcoming workshop called Accelerate EU. The workshop will be held in Berlin on March 14th, 2014. It will bring together entrepreneurs, accelerators, investors and policymakers in order to debate about how to make Europe an easy place for startups.

Let’s be clear: Europe’s future depends on its ability to foster entrepreneurship. We are calling on Europe’s entrepreneurship enthusiasts to join forces and help move Europe in the right direction. Come together to meet experts on the EU’s startup scenes, share experiences, and debate strategies to make Europe an easier place for startups. Register now to attend the event for free. (via EU-S)

Czech VC Credo Ventures invests to TVbeat

TVbeat, a London start-up that provides real-time television ratings, has secured $2 million funding from UK-based Episode 1 and Czech-based Credo Ventures. Three years old startup from London provides big data, real-time ratings to broadcasters, advertisers and pay-TV providers and claims to offer audience measurement on a much greater scale than ever previously available.

Primus Capital invests in business intelligence provider Maven7

Maven 7, a provider of network research-based analysis services received an investment of 170 million forints ($750,000) to fund the expansion of OrgMapper, an organisational diagnostic tool that reveals the human networks driving a company.
Primus Capital is investing more than 170 million forints ($750,000) in the expansion of Maven7, a provider of unique network research-based analyses and services. Maven7 supports business decisions by transforming large amounts of hard-to-interpret data into actionable business intelligence.

The company’s online Software as a Service (SaaS) platform, OrgMapper, allows its users, primarily in the business consulting sector, to conduct analyses in organizational development, the media, and the pharmaceutical industry, on the basis of which consultancies can provide M&A advisory, change management and other services to their customers. It is an easy-to-use, online organizational diagnostic tool that reveals the actual human networks that are driving a company. (via SC)