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CES startups show won Airtime from Denmark and Hungary

Another weekly summary of startup life in CEE region in the year 2014 is here. Main topic of this week is CES startup competition.

Airtame, the Copenhagen based startup has just made it to Las Vegas by winning the “Best Startup” category of Engadget, while their (still running) Indiegogo campaign also made them the most successful crowdfunding startup of Denmark. Its co-founder, Hungarian CTO Attila Sükösd came to Denmark as a child in 2001, and now, after 13 years, shared some details of his startup in his interview for server EU Startups.

“In May 2013 we started working seriously on the campaign that we were hoping to launch on Kickstarter in August. In order to do that, we needed a British or US company and bank account, so we invested time and energy into organizing these things in Great Britain, which took roughly a month,” says young entrepreneur. “We knew that we needed to get contributions immediately to get it started successfully, so we’d mobilized our whole network to make them ready for the great launch and we managed to get 35.000 USD on the very first day. Within 12 days we reached our goal, 160.000 USD and thanks to our success at CES and certainly the visibility we gained with that, today we have more than 830.000 USD and the campaign is still ongoing,” he added.

Damejidlo started testing Bitcoin payments

Czech Food delivery startup announced testing Bitcoin payments. After bank cards and cash Bitcoin is the third payment method for now. Damejidlo is not the first company using Bitcoins but it is the first company with the strong and famous CEO. Tomas Cupr (also founder of Slevomat) has a potential for effective promoting. “I believe bitcoins or another virtual currency has big chance to change financial market,” says Cupr.

Antavo adds former Yahoo executive Ben Pickering as an advisor

Hungarian startup Antavo announced the appointment of Ben Pickering as an advisor to the company. The addition of the former CEO of a major social media marketing company is seen as a stepping-stone for the company’s expansion into the North American market.

Antavo is a turnkey marketing tool that empowers small businesses, marketing professionals and agencies to launch online promotion apps. Antavo launched in private beta back in September 2011 and managed to secure some early-stage funding through Seedcamp in 2012. Antavo doubled its team, expanded internationally, and increased its revenue significantly in the last 12 months.

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