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from: 4 countries
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Collaboration with the University of Economics

Last week we had the opportunity to meet three promising teams from the University of Economics (VSE) and watch them pitching at the real startup ground. What an interesting and valuable experience. After each of the pitches, we tried to determine potential synergies between Wayra and the teams. There is always a possibility of building a solid long-term relationship if there are similar ideas and shared values between both the sides. What we can say for sure – the Wayra doors are always open if you are a hard-working person with an interesting business idea that fits our vision. And it doesn’t really matter if you are already working full time — or you are still at school.



Daily recommendations for every e-shop.

Asimplia delivers set of specific recommendations tailored to your e-commerce. It helps you to modify marketing channels, reach and target new customers or start a campaign. It analyzes, evaluates and recommends measures in the areas of:

  1. customers

  2. products

  3. marketing channels


The team started 5 months ago and they are planning to go global as soon as possible – e-shops are the same everywhere. At this moment, there is not a competitor that would give you the same service. Asimplia includes simplified Google Analytics and Google Words that are easily understandable for the client.

Feedback from the audience: “I would like to have it more complicated. I worked with e-shop owners and I know their marketing. I know they struggle with the lack of information. And they need something that would change it. So next time we want to see how the analytics works.”

Interview with Lukas Danek (CEO)


What inspired you to become an entrepreneur while still at university?

My first business was when I was 18. I started to import some goods from South Korea. It is my passion and it gives me more experience than work. And it is fun.

What do you think are the essential elements for a startup to succeed? I think it is passion and endurance to continue even if there are some very hard times.

I think it is passion and endurance to continue even if there are some very hard times.

What qualities are necessary for an ‘accelerator’ to truly help startups?

Well, I think it is about the match between the accelerator and the startup. Every startup has different needs.

Would you consider joining Wayra CEE or other accelerators?

Probably yes. It depends mostly on the things that the accelerate could offer me.

2. GEOANALYTICS (name not final)

Clickstream visualisation (eg. e-commerce).

We basically click-stream from the online world to the offline world. As a retail store, you can understand from our service how the people move through the space and you can react to it. You are able to find and recognize the exact point where your customers are lost in your shop. You can localize the point of failing and find a solution for this problem. Imagine you have a store and there is 1000 customers moving through the space and you don’t know if there is any problem.


The team collected data how people are moving through the University of Economics. You can use this information to find out where to focus if you want to optimize your space. You have a new product and the customer is a woman in her 30s. You can get the data and see where is this type of a customer moving the most. We are also thinking about measuring the effectivity of billboards.

Our expected use cases are:

  • product placement

  • promotion support

  • new segmentation input

  • location-based promotion

  • throughput optimization

Q: You showed us the interface and it looked very incomplete. Speaking to the average mall paper, this look like a rocket science. How do you see the outputs of the research, do you have any advisors to explain it?

G: You will be able to choose just the segment you want to see. You will click on a point in the map — and you will see a bit more. I want to display here just what type of people are mostly in some place and how long they will stay there.

Interview with Martin Matejka (CEO)

Screen Shot 2014-07-30 at 19.47.18.png

What inspired you to become an entrepreneur while still at university?

It is not about entrepreneurship, I am just interested in this problem. It is just fun. I am still thinking about this and I am trying to come with the best solution.

What do you think are the essential elements for a startup to succeed?

It is a mixture of all this at once. The team is the core. Without the team and without the people — you can’t do anything. But you got to be at the right time at the right place and you have to be able to communicate with your potential customer. There is a lot of things you have to consider.

What qualities are necessary for an ‘accelerator’ to truly help startups?

Well again — a lot of things. One of those things is the environment. It has to be inspiring and it has to make people feel good. And it is also about contacts, you have to be able to communicate with others to really succeed. It is quite complex and creating this environment is really hard.

Would you consider joining Wayra CEE or other accelerators?

Yes. Right now we are in the really early stage. We still haven’t spoken with people who we might actually offer our product. I think there is a potential, but we need to clarify this first. And then yes, it would definitely help us!

3. COOL TICKETING (presented by the investor Petr Kucera)

A way how to securely deliver and process

a) electronic tickets

b) coupons (cinema, sport events, concerts…)

There is no barcode reader nor internet connection needed and the ticket is validated simply on the customer’s phone. We are a distributing channel for the tickets from the event retailer to you. We can provide the client with information about the place or the behaviour of the people and send it through the app. It is ready for any e-shop or reservation system immediately thanks to cloud connection system with no initial cost.

New Powerful Ticket Delivery Method from on Vimeo.

Q&A with Petr Kucera

You said you don’t need internet connection and that’s cool. However, it means that the validation is only on the device and that makes it easier to cheat.

It is not possible to validate the ticket before the event. There is no reason for that. We have several security features and you should always receive information from our server. Every ticket has a code and if I don’t allow you to validate the ticket before the action — you don’t know it.

What is your biggest challenge?

To be global. We are starting now to build an international network with partners.

May I ask you who are your competitors?

Our main competition is paper tickets or the mobile tickets with barcodes. Our product is much easier and we would like to add analytics soon.