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Datamolino is a SaaS that processes all inbound invoices without retyping. It helps accountants save up to 62% of the costs incurred on invoice processing, eliminates errors caused by manual data entry and provides the benefits of large enterprise solutions to SMEs while keeping invoices in a secure and accessible cloud storage.

What does Datamolino members think about their Wayra experience?
1. Wayra helped us become a business.
When we got to Wayra, we had a team of 5 people and a plan validated by a few potential customers. Now that we’re leaving Wayra, we have a product that is being tested by our future customers and a team of 15 people that form a real company. And we’re closing a seed round of financing that will help us validate our business model in the global market. Wayra motivated us to take bold steps and helped us grow faster than we otherwise would have.  

2. Wayra accelerated our business. 
Our stay at Wayra pushed our product development process, our marketing efforts, our overall business “readyness”.  
But we had to to give it all that we had. The more energy we gave, the more Wayra could work with in order to accelerate us. Wayra will push you only when you’re already taking some steps on your own.

3. Wayra provided us with important business connections.
Having a b2b product, connections to the right people are the bread & butter of your success. And Wayra can open a lot of doors. When Wayra people saw that we were serious about our product and future success, the did not hesitate in making introductions that we otherwise would have never had. And then it was up to us to make it work.  

So don’t wait, don’t hesitate, don’t hope…just give it your best effort, be coachable, be open-minded and grow.