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Ryan Viguerie: Starting a life in Prague is actually easy

Ryan has been living in the Czech Republic and he is planning to launch his next international project from here. As everything he is doing, it will be about teaching languages. Usually, our interviews with entrepreneurs and expats are quite serious, but Ryan is a joker, so take this episode as an entertaining diversion.

What is your connection to the Czech Republic and what has brought you to Prague?

Most expats have a story that makes some sense, either they followed a girl here or their company relocated them. I just decided I wanted to live in Europe, and when my boring office job ended, I sold my car and made it happen.

Where do you see the similarities and differences compared to your home country?

There are a lot more foreigners in the Starbucks here.

What project are you working on right now and what are your plans?! I’m also a private teacher on the side. And I love the idea of cloning myself online and teaching many, many more people. So that’ll be next.

Do you think it is easy for foreign entrepreneurs to come here, work here and live here?

Although we all complain about having to fight the lines and the grumpy bureaucrats at the foreign police, it’s much more difficult to get a visa in the US. And compared to the obstacles in the third world or the ocean that my ancestors had to cross, I believe the biggest obstacle for most is internal.

Do you have any advice for other foreigners visiting Prague or planning to stay a bit longer?

Yeah, check out the tripadvisor reviews before going to a restaurant. There are so many that prey on tourists, and I would love to see them go out of business.