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Wayra launches a new global call

Wayra opens a new global call on the 8th of September. Entrepreneurs from all over the world can put forward their projects up to October 5th and apply for a place in one of the Wayra Academies that has places available participating. The involved Wayra offices are: Buenos Aires, Barcelona, Caracas, Lima, Londres, Madrid, México, Munich and Santiago de Chile.  Applying allows you not just enter Wayra, but being part of the Open Future initiative.

The main focus areas are:

  • B2B business: Security (cybersecurity, video-surveillance and specially solutions for emergency networks), Cloud (including both APIs and SaaS and solutions for optimizing and manage the Cloud infraestructure) and M2M (as a container for solutions around the connected car, fleet management, smart cities, consumer electronics or vertical solutions)
  • B2C business: Entertainment (mobile gaming and cloud gaming from the big screen), Familiar “peace of mind” (location, parental control, shared directories, security at home, etc.) and solution for improving the User Experience of the customers regarding the Device Interaction (apps, apps discoverer, launchers, self care, etc.)

Wayra, nearly in its third year of operations, has a portfolio of 315 companies grouped in 20 digital industries. The total investment is around 43 million euros: 13 million contributed by Telefónica plus another 30 million in outside financing.

Visit where you can check if your startup fits with the basic criteria to join Wayra. If you think so, you can submit your project at

At this moment, Wayra CEE in Prague is not going to participate and search for new startups.

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