searching for: 10 startups
deadline: February 23rd

Announcing a Global Call for applications!

Hello startups and friends of startups!

We are happy to inform you that Wayra just opened its Global Call and our Academy in Prague has space for up to 10 digital startups (not only) from the CEE region – application deadline 23rd Feb.

Please help us spread the word to make sure that startups that may be interested in joining us have a chance to apply by:

  • Tweeting! It’s just one click. We set up a tweet:
  • Sharing on Facebook! We set up a post to share:
  • Forwarding this information (please also see the flyer attached) to startups and friends of startups you know.

Be assured that with its expanding network of top-notch mentors with global expertise and connections to YCombinator, Ron Conway, Steve Blank and the like, 40k € investment, well structured acceleration program, potential access to 300M customers of Telefónica and dedicated ground support, Wayra CEE is worth looking at! Apply at


  1. Call opening: January 27th
  2. Call closing: February 23rd
  3. Evaluations: till 11th March
  4. Shortlisting: till 21st March
  5. Final Selection: till 28th March
  6. Moving to Wayra CEE: early April

Thank you very much for your interest and support!Wayra CEE 10 Startups leaflet