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Whitney Sales – Let the sales begin (video)

Whitney Sales is a real sales expert with 7+ years experience in the field. We are proud we got the opportunity to host her in Wayra and listen to her presentation. Don’t worry if you missed the talk – we put it online for you.

What topics she is going to cover in the video?

  1. Current B2B environment

  2. Sales Models

  3. Sales Funnels & Metric

  4. Tips and tricks when selling

  5. Your first sales hire

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Intro (sample from the video)

 The role of a salesman got shifted in last 6 years and there is a specific reason for that — automatization. In the past, people were able to get information about the product only through the salesman. Today, there is so many information available. He is still necessary, but it is not that pushy person anymore. In 2009, consultation flooded the market as a result of the crash. More organizations realized that in order to implement a solution:

  1. they need to have an expert who understands it

  2. they should get the people who are also going to use the solution on board (so there is more people giving opinion).

  3. they have to educate the whole market to get the sale through.

These are the very sales models you can use in your organization:

Screen Shot 2014-08-14 at 10.43.44.png

 For the whole talk click here.

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